Monday, 10 October 2016

Small Scale Poultry Farming; a Lucrative Business Opportunity for Villages

Chicken is the most widely consumed meat across the world and so the demand in big cities is always huge! Increased population, newly opened restaurants and other factors contribute to the increasing demand on chicken in the cities, so starting a poultry farm can prove to be a lucrative business idea.

If you live in a village, that’s an advantage, because you will have it setup for low cost, and the village environment is best for poultry farming. So, stop exploring any more small business ideas for villages, and get started with this one!

Poultry farming is a highly thriving and profitable business venture, not just because, you are going to sell chicken, but you can also sell eggs, and by using the poultry waste as fertilizer, you can set up a small scale vegetable farming too!

The opportunities are boundless, but it requires you to start first. Yes, it does need capital, but you can always start small and turn it big with your hard work and smart management!

Here I am adding some useful resources to help you start up your poultry farming in a village:

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