Monday, 8 June 2015

Should You Sacrifice Design Over Conversions?

Believe it or not, the design of your website has a direct and major impact on the number of sales conversions.

Once upon a time, experts would have suggested that a detailed stuffy navigation that makes things easier for user is great even if it looks ugly. But now, with the changing technologies and the more internet exposure of people, looking good is as important as increasing sales.

Think of an ugly restaurant or a shop; would you enter to spend? Well, same applies in online shopping. People buy when something looks good!

Every business looks to improve the process and increase sales through online marketing. In this connection; many sacrifice the design. Increasing sales is always a priority, but sacrificing a great design must not be an option.

Encouraging sales does not mean that to sacrifice good design in any case. The look and feel of a site over the other requirement to turn visitors into customers must not be taken down because an aesthetically-pleasing design that gives users a clear path to conversion is is a big plus.

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